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Diamond Pest Elimination Inc. specializes in nuisance wildlife removal services for animals such as bats, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, rodents and moles. Our professionals have the knowledge and equipment necessary to quickly and safely remove your wildlife invader from your premises. Wild animals carry diseases and can be harmful to you and your family so contact us immediately if you have one in your home or commercial building.

This type of problem is something that is best addressed by a specialist, as some wildlife can carry disease, while others may bite or spray. We have a NYS licensed wildlife specialist on staff to handle wildlife calls. Our wildlife specialist knows the best way to trap and remove each animal safely, and can help you with prevention down the line as well.

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Types of Wildlife

Coexisting with wildlife in an urban environment can be difficult, and as areas become more populated, problems with wildlife become more common. Animals such as bats, skunks, woodchucks, mice, and raccoons often cause issues for homeowners and businesses. Whether you have squirrels and bats living in your attic or skunks and raccoons roaming around the garbage bins in the back, we can help you get the problem under control.

Trapping and Removal

Diamond Pest Elimination uses live traps to catch animals of all sizes in order to not cause harm to the animals and your property. We provide the traps, and we take care of the removal and release of the animal, far away from your home or commercial property. We have successfully trapped and removed all types of wildlife, from birds and bats to raccoons and possums. Contact us for help today.

Bats Flying In Attic
Rats In Home
Raccoon On Roof of Home
Woodchuck Pest


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